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​Rous Head (January 2018)

Land reclaimed at Rous Head as a result of the Fremantle Harbour deepening in 2010 is being developed for port-related purposes, mostly to support the container trade.

Important features of the development include the new Truck Facility with fuelling facilities and amenities to assist traffic flow within the area, increased separation of trucks and light vehicles for improved road safety and a new road along the seawall to improve public safety and access to North Mole.

With the adjacent new Caltex truck stop, the 60-bay Truck Marshalling Area is a vast improvement for truck marshalling, with one of the most advanced Automated Number Plate Recognition systems in Australia. The cameras read a truck’s licence plate before it enters the Truck Facility so that when a driver arrives at the check-in screen, the truck’s registration number or other registration details taken from a registration list are already on view. The driver then just needs to confirm details.

Another innovation is the automated call-up system for the trucks waiting to enter the container terminals. This reduces congestion caused by queuing, particularly at peak periods.

A fully automated public weighbridge is operating in the Truck Marshalling Area.

Landscaping and fairy tern area at Rous HeadA public open space area near Sandtracks beach has been landscaped with part of the area allocated for fairy tern nesting. The landscaped area includes a drinking fountain, seating, shade structures, bins and bike racks. 


The Rous Head Industrial Park was an initiative of Fremantle Ports, initially using reclaimed land from the 1988-89 Inner Harbour deepening. Since that time, this prime industrial land has been in demand for port-related and other industrial activities. Companies providing ancillary services to the two main stevedoring operations located on North Quay have leased large areas and other marine-related businesses are located in this area.

A further 27 hectares of land was created at Rous Head as a product of the 2010 Inner Harbour deepening project. This new land, which is equivalent to about 20 per cent of the area of the existing North Quay/Rous Head precinct, represents a significant opportunity to improve trade efficiency and for future port growth.  

Fremantle Ports has leased and has developed the land to create safer and more efficient traffic flow in the Rous Head area. The land is being used for port-related purposes to improve freight-handling efficiency, reduce truck congestion and improve road safety for trucks and public vehicles. Tenants are progressively developing the lease areas. Uses include truck marshalling, refuelling and parking, container storage, quarantine service facilities and short-term warehousing. Construction of roads and other infrastructure was completed in 2013.

Sustainability rating
The roads and infrastructure project on the reclaimed land is registered to pursue an infrastructure sustainability (IS) rating through the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia. The IS rating framework was developed through industry engagement and is currently being used on a number of infrastructure projects Australia wide to deliver sustainable project outcomes.
Rous Head dust suppression.jpg
Dust suppression during construction
Rous Head Industrial Park features:
  • increased separation of trucks and light vehicles for improved road safety
  • light-vehicle road along the seawall to improve public safety and access to North Mole
  • shared (bike/pedestrian) path along the seawall to Port Beach Road
  • truck marshalling area with associated truck fuelling facility and amenities to assist traffic flow within the area
  • internal roads to provide efficient and safe access for trucks to industrial lots
  • extension of the Rous Head freight rail terminal to facilitate increased freight on rail
  • landscaped public open space and a fairy tern nesting area. 
Tenants on the land reclaimed in 2010 are Caltex Petroleum Services Pty Ltd, which has provided a truck stop, Rous Head Cargo Services Pty Ltd, and Tyne ACFS, ACFS Port Logistics (Tzaneros Investments Pty Ltd), Toll Transport and QUBE Logistics.  
The all-hours Caltex truck stop, located adjacent to the truck marshalling area, incorporates light and heavy vehicle refuelling. A convenience store and cafe with dine-in and takeaway facilities are also open.
Rous Head truck stop.jpg
Cafe Rous at the Caltex truck stop
The public is able to refuel in a separate area for passenger vehicles and use the 80-seat dining area, café and convenience store. Logistics facilities and container parks have been developed.

Rous Head info line

For information or a concern about construction at the Rous Head Industrial Area, please phone the Rous Head information line:

1800 030  841