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​Kwinana Bulk Terminal

Kwinana Bulk Terminal

An important milestone was reached at Fremantle Ports’ Kwinana Bulk Terminal in November 2011 with the first shipment of iron ore exported for Mineral Resources.

The ore was railed to Kwinana from the company’s Carina mine in the central Yilgarn.

Fremantle Ports signed a commercial agreement with the Australian-based company in May 2011 to export 4.4 million tonnes of iron ore annually through the Kwinana Bulk Terminal.

Since then, the terminal has undergone a $44 million upgrade of its export infrastructure, with Mineral Resources providing most of the funding.

Griffin Coal (acquired by Indian conglomerate Lanco Infratech) also contributed to the cost of the upgrading as part of an agreement reached in 2011 to export up to 750,000 tonnes of coal annually for four years.

Fremantle Ports acquired the Kwinana Bulk Terminal from BHP Billiton in 2002 and has spent more than $39 million upgrading infrastructure and service capability. This work was previous to the 2011 upgrade.

Other products handled at the terminal include cement clinker, gypsum, nut coke and slag. Iron ore was previously imported for the HIsmelt project and pig iron exported.