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Fremantle Ports extended the North Quay Rail Terminal in 2014 to help reduce the growth of port-related truck traffic. The $31.4 million project was funded by the Federal and State Governments.

The project, designed to increase the efficiency and capacity of the rail infrastructure servicing Fremantle Port’s container trade, extended the existing rail terminal from 400 metres to 690 metres. The expansion is helping to reduce the growth of port-related truck traffic by getting more containers onto rail.

North Quay Rail Terminal 1.JPG
The extended North Quay Rail Terminal
The terminal extension and associated new facilities have increased supply chain efficiency and productivity at WA’s principal general cargo port. The project has provided improved access for transfer of containers and enabled shorter turnaround times for trains, making rail more competitive as a means of transporting containers to and from the busy port.
The rail terminal extension is part of a suite of strategies aimed at maximising the use of the rail system for container trade. In 2014, a passing loop was also built at Spearwood.
Since 2002 when the rail share of containers was two per cent, rail now has a 15.2 per cent share of the container movements to and from the port and the volume of containers currently on rail reduces truck movements by more than 80,000 truck trips annually. As well as contributing to the efficiency of landside logistics, this reduces the impact of port-related truck traffic on the community.