These Notices to Mariners are provided by Fremantle Ports for the information of Masters of commercial shipping, pilots, recreational and private operators and other port users operating within the gazetted Fremantle Ports port limit.

Only active Notices to Mariners issued by Fremantle Ports will appear within the list below. Any Notice issued by Fremantle Ports that has subsequently been cancelled, withdrawn or expired will be removed from the list. Notices to Mariners issued by other agencies will not be listed.

Fremantle Ports' Notices are also submitted directly to nominated private, commercial, State and Federal authorities, including the WA Water Police (Fremantle), the Rescue Coordination Centre (AusSAR - Canberra), the WA Department of Transport (Navigation Safety - Fremantle) and the Royal Australian Navy Hydrographic Office (AHO - Wollongong).

For additional Notices to Mariners, navigational warnings (e.g. AUSCOAST and NAVAREA X) and other amendments that may affect the safety of navigation in areas both within and outside of the Fremantle Ports port limit, please refer to the following websites:

 i. Department of Transport

 ii. Royal Australian Navy Hydrographic Office.

The following items are in Adobe PDF format. Click to download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF items.



NTM 2(P) of 2018.pdfFPA NTM 2(P) 2018 - Success and Parmelia Channels - Maintenance Dredging20/06/2018225 KB
NTM 1(T) of 2018.pdfFPA NTM 1(T)/ 2018 - Inner Harbour - Declared Depths29/03/2018202 KB
NTM 5(T) of 2017_URM.pdfNTM 5(T) 2017 - Inner Harbour - Underwater Rock Mound3/07/2017431 KB
NTM 2(T) of 2017.pdfFPA NTM 2 (T)/2017 - Inner Harbour - Inner Harbour Declared Depths24/01/201733 KB
NTM 4(T) of 2016.pdfFPA NTM 4(T)/2016 - Fremantle Ports - Special Buoy26/10/2016147 KB
NTM_2 2016_Cockburn Sound Anchorages.pdfFPA NTM 2/2016 - Outer Harbour - Cockburn Sound Anchorages24/03/201635 KB
NTM_1 of 2016_ AMC Moorings.pdfFPA NTM 1/2016 - Outer Harbour - AMC Mooring Buoy removal21/03/201665 KB
NTM 2 of 2015_ Waverider Deployment.pdfFPA NTM 2/2015 - Waverider Deployment22/10/2015135 KB
NTM_4 of 2014_ Virtual AtoNs.pdfFPA NTM 4/2014 - Inner Harbour - Virtual AtonNs23/12/201452 KB
NTM 3 of 2014 _Virtual AtoNs_.pdfFPA NTM 3/2014 - Outer Harbour - Virtual AtoNs3/06/201441 KB
FPA_NTM 1_2014.pdfFPA NTM 1/2014 - Inner harbour - New Leads27/05/2014217 KB
NTM 5(T) of 2013_Reduced Speed in Harbour.pdfNTM 5(T)2013 - Inner Harbour - Reduced Speeds 20/12/201322 KB
FPA NTM  2(P)2013 - Exclusion Zones.pdfFPA NTM  2(P)/2013 - Exclusion Zones13/09/201355 KB
NTM 1(P) of 2013_Wave_station.pdfFPA NTM 1(P)/2013 - Outer Harbour - Cockburn Sound Wave Station10/04/2013107 KB
FPA NTM 8_T_ of 2012 Inner Harbour Declared Depths.pdfFPA NTM 8(T)/2012 - Inner Harbour - Declared Depths17/10/201232 KB
FPA NTM 3 of 2012 Virtual AtoNs.pdfFPA NTM 3/2012 - Virtual AtoNs30/04/201232 KB
FPA_NTM14_2011.pdfFPA NTM 14/2011 - Inner Harbour - Updated Positions and New Leads5/07/2011379 KB
FPA_NTM12_2011.pdfFPA NTM 12/2011 - Fairway Landfall Buoy - Changed Morse Identification Letter27/06/201121 KB
FPA NTM 11 2011 - Outer Harbour - Restricted Area.pdfFPA NTM 11/2011 - Outer Harbour - Restricted Area25/05/2011228 KB
FPA NTM 10(T) 2011 - Port Waters - Whale Season.pdfFPA NTM 10(T)/2011 - Port Waters - Whale Season20/04/201129 KB
FPA NTM 8 2011 - Outer Harbour - Permanent Anchorages.pdfFPA NTM 8/2011 - Outer Harbour - Permanent Anchorages15/04/201132 KB
FPA NTM 5 2011 - Outer Harbour - AMC Medina Channel - New Mooring Buoys - Large.pdfFPA NTM 5/2011 - Outer Harbour - AMC/ Medina Channel - New Mooring Buoys - Large25/03/201156 KB