Peak Season Guide

The WA Port Operations Task Force Peak Season Working Group has developed the following Peak Season Guide to assist importers, exporters, transport operators and other landside supply chain operators in managing the busy Christmas and New Year period. The guide provides useful information that can also be used to educate customers about their role in ensuring that the lengthy delays and additional costs experienced in 2011 are avoided this peak season.

The Peak Season Guide for Industry makes easy reading and is broken down into key actions that can be taken by container supply chain participants:

  • early planning with importers
  • after-hours access to customer premises
  • taking advantage of stack efficiency options at container terminals
  • reducing time spent at ECPs by booking notifications early, arriving on time and using after-hours services
  • using eGate
  • staging containers at your own site or using on-port services
  • using rail to avoid potential delays and increase truck turnarounds
  • truck sharing
  • triangulation
  • ensuring you and your customers are aware of operating hours and shipping line detention policies over the peak season.

  Peak Season Guide for Industry (PDF 2.2MB)