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​Preparing for the SOLAS MO42 changes (verified weighing of export containers) - a possible process

SOLAS (MO42 changes  - verified weighing of export containers)

SOLAS (MO42) Verified Gross Mass weighing requirements have been in force since 1 July 2016. Are you or your customers sure you’re prepared for providing a Verified Gross Mass (VGM) for all export containers? 

SOLAS VGM Handbook

The WA Port Operations Task Force has completed a handbook to assist in explaining some elements of the requirements. This is a handy guide to the SOLAS MO42 changes. It will help answer your questions and provide some guidance to prepare for the changes. Download it now and share it with your customers today.

SOLAS VGM Handbook 

Possible process to prepare your customers

There are a number of ways to prepare yourself and your clients.  The WA Port Operations Task Force has put together one possible process, specifically targeted to the WA export freight community, to help you prepare.  What’s more, it could provide some comfort as a checklist of what you’ve already done or still need to do to bring your weighing processes and recordkeeping in line. This quick, simple process could save you compliance stress in the long run. Read it yourself and arrange to talk to your clients about it today. Download the Compulsory Verified Weighing of Export Containers SOLAS IMO Marine Order 42 Possible Process.

Industry seminar presentation

Download the presentation from the SOLAS industry seminar on 16 March 2016:

Fact sheet

If you wish to know more about the SOLAS amendments dealing with verified export container weighing, please refer to the

SOLAS Verified Gross Mass explanatory video

Want a quick overview of what the changes to Verfied Gross Mass Requirements are all about? The Loadsafe Working Group found the Maersk Line Verified Gross Mass Guidelines video very useful. See it here.

Submission to AMSA on SOLAS Marine Order 42

The WA Port Operations Task Force's Loadsafe Working Group has made a submission to AMSA, which is overseeing the changes to Marine Order 42. The working group has made a series of suggestions on topics such as compliance, tare weights for weighbridges and guidelines. AMSA requested feedback on its draft by 30 April. Download the MO42 Cargo Stowage and Securing 2014 Submission to AMSA WAPOTF (PDF 6MB).

Chain of Responsibility (CoR)

Chain of Responsibility (CoR), part of Compliance and Enforcement (C&E) legislation, was introduced into Western Australia on 27 April 2015. This legislation imposes obligations on all parties in the supply chain to ensure the weights of sea freight containers and their contents being transported by road are accurately stated. It takes responsibility beyond the drivers and road transport operators to the consignors of the freight, the vehicle owners, the packers, management and receivers. All supply chain participants are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance. See more information on the Chain of Responsibility page, Main Roads WA website. To assist supply chain participants in preparing for CoR legislation, Fremantle Ports and the WA Port Operations Task Force have developed online and smartphone tools. See information about a CoR/SOLAS app for truck drivers and A Guide to Container Weight Declarations below.

Guide to Container Weight Declarations

A Guide to Container Weight Declarations for the sea freight container supply chain has been produced by Fremantle Ports and the WA Port Operations Task Force. Incorrectly declared container weights in road freight transport are a serious issue which can lead to accidents, fatalities and road damage. The industry guide sets out suggested practices to meet the obligations under the new CoR legislation. The industry guide explains the details required for container weight declaration, gives some template examples and includes a guide to risk mitigation in complying with the legislation. Main Roads WA, the WA Road Transport Association and the Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia have assisted the WA Port Operations Task Force Working Group in the preparation of the guide. Information was also provided by the Victorian Freight and Logistics Council, the Victorian Transport Association, Vic Roads and consultants Meyrick and Associates. Download A Guide to Container Weight Declarations.

CoR /SOLAS app


The updated CoR/SOLAS app now provides information on the new International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO’s) Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) amendment requiring verification of the weight of all export containers prior to their being loaded onto ships. The new version is the WA Port Operations Task Force’s Loadsafe Working Group’s contribution to assist the WA export container community. There is a reply to a series of questions that the export industry may have on the new order and information on where to obtain a weigh if at the port. It is an additional assistance to the transport industry and drivers operating at the Port of Fremantle who may have queries as to some of their options and some of the elements they should consider when preparing export containers for delivery. The app provides details and guidance on:

  • What has changed concerning the weighing of export containers?
  • Who is responsible for providing the verified weight?
  • How do I verify my weight?
  • I’ve got a verified weight, what do I do now?
  • What if I don’t provide a declared weight?
  • What are my options to get a verified weigh?


The free CoR/SOLAS app provides on-the-spot guidance for transport operators and truck drivers dealing with suspected overweight containers. Drivers should always consult with their transport office first when they feel they may have issues with containers. However, if you are a transport operator who handles containers, download the app to make it easier for your drivers and use as one part of your reasonable steps defence. Importers and exporters may also use the app as part of their reasonable steps defence. Speak to your transport operator today and encourage them to download the app.  
The app, which can be downloaded free of charge on most smartphones and tablets, provides guidance on: 
  • the requirement for Container Weight Declarations (CWD)
  • what to do if you don’t have a valid CWD
  • immediate steps to take if you think the container you are transporting or your vehicle may be overloaded
  • details and directions for the Rous Head weighbridge
  • details and directions for the Control Areas within the Fremantle Port precinct
  • general information for those carrying import containers within the port precinct.

The app can be also be viewed on your PC here.

The app can be downloaded for free on Apple, Android and Microsoft phones and tablets:


CoR app QR code.jpg

​Scan the QR Code (left) with a QR reader or search for 'CoR' in your app store and look for this logo:

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