Fremantle Ports won the Work Safety Award for the Best Public Sector Workplace Safety and Management System in WA in 2012.
Safety for Life
Fremantle Ports has made significant occupational health and safety improvements over recent years, guided by its ‘Safety for Life’ strategy.

The strategy focuses on the positive performance indicators of active safety leadership at all levels in the organisation, recognising people for integrating safety into their daily tasks, action against the high potential hazards in the organisation and ensuring people have the right skill set to work in a safe and efficient manner.

The strategy draws a correlation between safety at work and the potential impacts on the family or social life if an incident occurs. It focuses particularly on managing critical risks that have the potential to cause serious injury and death.

There also has been a continued focus on managing contractor safety with the refinement. A pre-engagement program audits and ranks contractors’ safety performance. The program collects contractors’ key performance indicators to monitor and integrate them with the performance of Fremantle Ports’ employees.

We are committed to integrating safety into all facets of our operations and providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors and visitors.

Watch an address on safety by our Chairman, Dr Jim Limerick.
Our policy

Read more in our Safety, Environment and Quality Policy and our Safety and Environment Induction Handbook.

Recreational boats

If you are a recreational boat user who uses port waters, please see this page.