Please work through the safety induction in your own time and pace. There is a pause button. If you do not have an installed Adobe Flash Player, you may be prompted to install this plugin. Just follow the instructions on the screen.

You must view the induction in full and answer the test questions correctly

Do not fast forward or skip through the induction, or you will be unable to complete the induction. Once you have viewed the induction in full and you have successfully answered all the questions, Fremantle Ports will be notified that you have completed the induction.

If you don't successfully complete the induction, you will not be able to collect your new or renewed MSIC (Maritime Security Identification Card). You must collect your MSIC within three months of completing the safety induction.

Choose the type of safety induction that applies to you

The type of safety induction depends on the nature of your business. When you activate the induction, you’ll see there are three types: 

Operational Induction (about 78 minutes): for Fremantle Ports operational employees and contractors working on a Fremantle Ports site. This work can include repair, maintenance, installation, construction work or work involving operating plant and equipment. If you need to pick up a tool, you need to do this induction. 

Administrative Induction (about 60 minutes): for Fremantle Ports administrative employees only.

Port User Induction (about 42 minutes): for agents, couriers, crane drivers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, government agency representatives, stevedores, truck drivers and others who need access to Fremantle Ports maritime security zones.

The times indicated above include time to answer the questions in the assessment sections of the inductions. 

If you experience problems ...

The safety induction is designed to operate in the Internet Explorer browser (IE10 or IE11), although it may work successfully in other internet browsers.

If you experience problems during the induction (freezing, can't enter details, starts again), then please restart your computer.  If this does not help, please attempt the induction again during off-peak hours.

Sometimes one setting on your computer may cause problems during the induction. If this is the case, it is recommended you use another computer in your workplace, at home or the local library, or contact your organisation’s computing department. 

If you have successfully installed Adobe Flash Player but when you click the 'Activate the induction' link below you get a message advising Flash Player version 8.0 or greater is required, then it is likely your internet browser is not allowing Flash Player to run. To enable Adobe Flash Player for use, please refer to the instructions for your specific internet browser by clicking here. Once you have successfully completed the induction it is recommended that you disable Adobe Flash Player for use.    

Collecting your MSIC

After Fremantle Ports has received notification to issue your MSIC, we will contact you to arrange a collection time. When you have completed the Safety Induction, you will be asked to print the Safety Induction Certificate, which you will need to collect your MSIC.

Activate the induction