Reminders for salmon fishing season
If you are fishing at the moles, please park responsibly and don't litter.

Published: 11/04/2017

North Mole salmon fishing (450x253).jpg
North Mole

As fishing for salmon has begun, Fremantle Ports would like to remind fishers about responsible behaviour on the moles and in the harbour.

Fremantle Ports owns and manages the moles and can close the gates if people's safety is compromised by other people's actions or if there is too much littering.

1. Park in marked areas only.

South Mole fishing Apr17 (450x300).jpg
South Mole: The first two cars are parked on the yellow line and could be fined.

People parking out of marked bays or staying longer than three hours will be fined.

Emergency access must be clear at all times. Any vehicle causing an obstruction may be towed and costs forwarded to the owner.

Last year, fishers parked irresponsibly and unsafely, causing traffic problems on the moles.

Parking inspectors will be out and about.

2. Place litter in bins or take it with you ...

North Mole litter (450x253).jpg
Litter on North Mole

Bins are provided 25 metres apart along the moles, so please use them. 

3. ... especially your discarded fishing gear.

Fishing hook discarded (450x300).jpg
Fishing hook and line found on South Mole road on 11 April 2017

Fremantle Ports cares about the environment.

Discarded fishing hooks and line are dangerous to wildlife (seabirds and dolphins) and also other people. Don't forget that school holidays are on.

reel it in bin south mole (360x450).jpg
Use the 'Reel it in' bins for discarding fishing line and tackle.

4. Don't bleed salmon over the rocks and road.

If you need to bleed fish, use a bucket to catch the blood.

Please leave the area as you found it.

5. Don't fish from a boat in the harbour.

rec boats in harbour (450x279).jpg
Recreational craft must not stop in the Fremantle Inner Harbour or the approach channels.

See more information about rules for recreational craft in the harbour here.