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9/03/2012Container Traffic Report January 2012.pdf
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22/12/2009Pipeline and silt curtain in position for Fremantle Inner Harbour and channel deepening.PDF
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14/12/2009Temporary closure of D Shed car park.PDF
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11/12/2009Portfolio community newsletter December 2009 edition out now.PDF
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30/11/2009Inner Harbour Deepening Project newsletter November 2009 out now.PDF
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24/11/2009Antarctic visitor maintains fine tradition.PDF
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12/11/2009Yacht race in harbour 1pm Sunday 15 November 2009.PDF
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10/11/2009New container crane for Patrick Terminals arrives by ship.PDF
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9/11/2009Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin open to public Fridays - Sundays at Fremantle s Victoria Quay.PDF
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5/11/2009New Pananax container crane arriving by ship 2pm 101109.PDF
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4/11/2009Steve Irwin open to public from Sunday 8 November.PDF
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23/10/2009Automated container washer saves time and water.PDF
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21/09/2009Portfolio community newsletter September 2009 edition out now.PDF
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17/09/2009North Mole is now open to the public.PDF
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10/09/2009Fremantle harbour deepening essential and urgent for port efficiency.PDF
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8/09/2009Fremantle harbour deepening environmentally sound.PDF
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3/09/2009Fremantle harbour deepening to cater for bigger ships.PDF
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18/08/2009Berth 10 bollards enhance Passenger Terminal.PDF
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18/08/2009Staff and contractors trained in pest spotting.PDF
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7/08/2009Celebrate Maritime Day, 10am-4pm Saturday 12 September, Fremantle Passenger Terminal.PDF
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23/07/2009Teamwork gets ambulance aid to Zimbabwe.PDF
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21/07/2009Photos of pilot boat Paddy Troy.PDF
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2/07/2009US Fleet visits Fremantle.PDF
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1/07/2009US fleet arriving in Fremantle tomorrow morning (2 July 2009).PDF
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30/06/2009Fremantle Ports has recommenced operations.PDF
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30/06/2009South and North Moles re-opened to public, ferries to recommence.PDF
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29/06/2009Latest update 290609 - Fremantle Ports will continue to suspend shipping movements until 8am Tuesday 30 June.PDF
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29/06/2009Shipping movements suspended at Fremantle and Kwinana due to severe weather.PDF
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25/06/2009North Mole closed as severe weather affects ferry services.PDF
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17/06/2009Fremantle Ports awarded for Leeuwin spirit.PDF
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17/06/2009Port visitors.PDF
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16/06/2009Kwinana Bulk Terminal exports one million tonnes of coal.PDF
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16/06/2009Portfolio community newsletter June 2009 edition out now.PDF
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16/06/2009Victoria Quay heritage interpretation planning update.PDF
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15/06/2009Green thumb helps port beautification.PDF
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15/06/2009New HPU improves bulk unloading safety and efficiency.PDF
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15/05/2009Budget allocations for Fremantle Ports support trade needs.PDF
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14/05/2009New widescreens in foyer show historic and latest photos.PDF
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7/05/2009New ferry bound for English Channel will be largest ever.PDF
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2/05/2009Berth works are in preparation for Fremantle harbour deepening.PDF
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2/05/2009Liners basing at Fremantle reflects growing interest in cruising.PDF
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28/04/2009Flags help commemorate at Anzac Day Parade.PDF
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20/04/2009Fremantle Ports welcomes first post-Panamax ship.PDF
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1/04/2009Starlight Purple Haze Game fundraising hits record high.PDF
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26/03/2009230 with a purple passion attend Fremantle Ports  Purple Haze breakfast.PDF
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25/03/2009Purple Parties kick start funding for Starlight Purple Haze Game.PDF
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20/03/2009Turn purple for Starlight Purple Haze Game 29 March.PDF
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10/03/2009Portfolio community newsletter out now.PDF
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9/03/2009Cruise ship Crystal Serenity has berthed.PDF
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5/03/2009Expert group to guide the State’s port infrastructure needs.PDF
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4/03/2009Cruise ship Crystal Serenity now due a day later.PDF
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3/03/2009Diamond Princess arrives in Fremantle.PDF
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26/02/2009Largest cruise ship.PDF
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25/02/2009Fremantle Ports congratulates Gimme Shelter organisers for raising.PDF
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24/02/2009Maritime Museum on Victoria Quay closed Wed 25 February 2009.PDF
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12/02/2009Cruise ship Arcadia welcomed to Fremantle by water cannon.PDF
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10/02/2009Fremantle Ports supports the Gimme Shelter Business.PDF
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19/01/2009Comment invited on proposed Inner Harbour deepening.PDF
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