Fremantle Ports’ governing body is a board of directors appointed by and responsible to the Minister for Transport.

The Board sets the strategic direction of Fremantle Ports, agrees on goals for management and monitors the achievement of those goals.

The Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Board and is responsible for day-to-day management.


Board of Directors
Chief Executive Officer
Executive Support
Chris Leatt-Hayter
Strategy and Planning
Port Operations
Asset and Infrastructure Management
Commercial and Corporate Services
General Manager
Alison Coates (acting)
Logistics, Port Planning, Environment, Business Strategy, Fremantle Waterfront, Property, Safety Planning, Business Improvement Planning, External Affairs.
Harbour Master/
General Manager
Captain Allan Gray
Trade and Business Development, Customer Relations, Trade Information, Marine Services, Outer Harbour Stevedores, Port Services and Operations, Fremantle Passenger Terminal.
General Manager
Sean Craig (acting)
Engineering Services, Projects and Operations, Electrical Services, Strategic Asset Management, Maintenance.
Chief Finance Officer/
General Manager
Tanvi Haria
Finance, Information and Communications Technology, Records Management, Revenue and Invoicing, Supply and Procurement.