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​Part of an artwork by renowned artist Howard Taylor in the Fremantle Passenger Terminal

Fremantle Passenger Terminal facilities

The Passenger Terminal has a café and licensed bar area and public conveniences. There is complimentary wi-fi when cruise ships are in port. An escalator and lifts are available between the ground floor and upstairs passenger terminal area. There is a public phone in the lower foyer.

TRS counter

A Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) counter operates at the Passenger Terminal when the ship is going overseas. More information is on the Department of Home Affairs’ website. There are no shops in the terminal.


The length of time it takes to embark/disembark is entirely dependent upon the size of the ship, and therefore, the number of passengers embarking or disembarking. Cruise ship passengers embark and disembark in stages.

Ships which are based in Fremantle (those that begin and end cruises in Fremantle) need to disembark all passengers and their luggage, and then clean the ship and reprovision while passengers for the next cruise embark.

Disembarkation of large ships carrying in excess of 2000 passengers and their luggage takes 4-5 hours. A similar length of time is required to embark large ships carrying in excess of 2000 passengers. Smaller ships may take less time to disembark and embark.

Embarkation and disembarkation includes the requirement for passengers to pass through Customs, security and quarantine checkpoints.

Getting to the Fremantle Passenger Terminal

Information on public transport and taxis is here.

myAirshuttle offers direct transport between Fremantle and the domestic and international Perth Airport terminals. The service can also transport you to or from the airport and Fremantle Passenger Terminal. 


Due to operational and security requirements, the parking area at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal has been designated for the convenience of passengers for set down and pick-up only. You cannot leave your car in the Fremantle Passenger Terminal car park while you are on a cruise. Any vehicle left unattended after the sailing of a cruise vessel will be subject to an immediate fine and may be towed.

FPT parking sign.JPG
Parking sign at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal

However, there is long-term parking at Victoria Quay (Zone 3 dedicated all-day parking areas) near C and D Sheds, see parking areas. It costs $10 a day (plus 0.8% surcharge for credit/debit cards). This parking is not undercover nor is it secure and it is in demand. You can choose how you pay for it:

  1. Pay for parking on arrival - Pay for the number of days at the ticket machine by entering your vehicle registration (maximum 14 days - you will need to purchase 12 days in one transaction and, in a separate transaction, purchase an additional 2 days).
  2. Pay in advance using Book a Bay online - You pay before you arrive and you park your vehicle in any vacant car bay in Zone 3. You can leave your car for your whole cruise; there is no cap on the maximum days allowed. By paying in advance, your car's registration plate is already recorded as paid with the parking inspectors. See the Help Sheet for Book a Bay.                

Cruise passengers seeking secure, undercover, long-term parking can park at Queensgate Car Park, 22 Henderson St, Fremantle. More information is available from Secure Parking here. (Note that Queensgate will be closed for five months from 3/4/18.)

Walking to/from Fremantle Train Station (or Fremantle CBD) and the Fremantle Passenger Terminal

With luggage the walk to the train station will probably take about 15-20 minutes. You can cross the railway line at two places, either at the overhead pedestrian bridge (ramps not steps), which you can access from the Passenger Terminal car park, or leave the car park and walk in a westerly direction along the footpath outside the Passenger Terminal (along Peter Hughes Drive) towards the Railway Station. There is a pedestrian level crossing just west of the railway station. Here is a map of the area with the two pedestrian railway crossings shown by red arrows:
Map walk FPT to train.jpg

Baggage storage

For embarking passengers boarding ships in the afternoon or evening, baggage can be left at the Passenger Terminal from about 10am in general. For some ships, baggage can be left earlier. There are no lockers at the Passenger Terminal or any secure areas to leave bags for disembarking passengers. However, luggage can be stored at:

Pack and Send
22 Queen Street, Fremantle
Open 8.30am – 5pm Monday – Friday (closed weekends)
$5 per day
Australia Hotel (opposite the Passenger Terminal)
1 Beach Street, Fremantle
Monday – Sunday
8am – 5pm
$5 per piece 

Passenger security

Safety and security throughout the Fremantle Passenger Terminal are afforded the highest of priorities. Government-regulated security requirements are a key focus of Fremantle Ports. Frontline security roles are primarily performed by contracted specialist security firms, with Fremantle Ports maintaining a strong policy, management and coordination role.

In accordance with Federal maritime security requirements, secure zones have been established within the Passenger Terminal building to facilitate the screening of passengers, visitors and baggage. Security arrangements are established for everyone’s safety. Please follow directions given by security personnel and proceed through security screening checkpoints as instructed.

Passenger screening

All passengers and visitors entering the Passenger Terminal may be subject to screening on entering the Passenger Terminal dependent on agreed security arrangements with the Office of Transport Security and the passenger ship. All departing passengers are subject to security screening prior to boarding the ship. The screening process seeks to detect prohibited items such as weapons, including knives. Detection of these items at screening points may increase the wait time for passengers and we request your patience.

Checked baggage is also subject to x-ray screening. All screening at the Passenger Terminal is performed to Australian Government standards by trained personnel using x-ray machines, walk-through metal detectors and hand-held metal detectors. Explosive trace detection systems may be introduced at the passenger screening points, with random screening of passengers and carry-on goods.

Unattended baggage

Baggage must never be left unattended in public areas. All such baggage will be treated as suspicious. All baggage should be clearly tagged with your contact details.

Security-related threats

Passengers and visitors are warned that all threats and comments made about carrying of weapons or explosives — whether intended as a joke or not — will be taken seriously and may result in the person involved being removed from the Passenger Terminal or being prosecuted. 

Visiting Fremantle 

See information about visiting Fremantle in this video and at the Fremantle story website and the Visit Fremantle website. Specific information for cruise passengers is on the cruise ship information page.