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​Arcadia arriving in Fremantle Inner Harbour

Can I view cruise ships from the Fremantle Passenger Terminal if I’m not a passenger?

Visitors (non-passengers) are usually not permitted inside the Passenger Terminal building during large ship visits due to the very large number of disembarking and embarking passengers.

The Passenger Terminal building may be open to visitors (non-passengers) during smaller ship visits, however, this status may change at any time.

Where can I best view cruise ships from?

The best places to see ships entering or leaving the harbour are on the western end of Victoria Quay (for example, near the B Shed Ferry Terminal, on the wharf side of A and B Sheds, or near the Western Australian Maritime Museum) or on South or North moles. See the Fremantle map.

Where do passengers get dropped off and picked up from?

Drop off and pick up passengers from the Passenger Terminal car park. See Passenger information for directions on how to get there.

What happens to my luggage once I check it in?

Passenger luggage is passed through an x-ray machine for security screening prior to being loaded onto the ship.

Can passengers leave the Passenger Terminal once they have checked in luggage?

Yes, passengers may leave the Passenger Terminal once their luggage has been checked in and they have visited the cruise check-in counter. Just make sure you leave enough time to return to the Passenger Terminal to begin embarkation.

Can I walk to/from the Fremantle Train Station and the Fremantle Passenger Terminal? 

Yes, with luggage it will probably take about 15-20 minutes to walk to the station.

You can cross the railway line at two places, either at the overhead pedestrian bridge (ramps not steps), which you can access from the Passenger Terminal car park, or leave the car park and walk in a westerly direction along the footpath outside the Passenger Terminal (along Peter Hughes Drive) towards the Railway Station. There is a pedestrian level crossing just west of the railway station. Here is a map of the area with the two pedestrian railway crossings shown by red arrows:

Map walk FPT to train.jpg

Do any cargo ships take passengers?

Yes. See the Cruise People website for details.