Arrival and departure times of ships are available on the Voyager Cruise Ships page.

All cruise ships berth at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal or at D Berth on Victoria Quay. Please note that during most cruise ship visits the Fremantle Passenger Terminal is not open to the public due to requests from cruise lines related to their security requirements and vessel operations. The car park will be available for short-term parking and picking up and dropping off of passengers. Please note there is no overnight parking at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal. For more information for cruise passengers, see here.

The best places to see ships entering or leaving the harbour are on the western end of Victoria Quay (at the Ferry Terminal, between A and B Sheds, or near the Maritime Museum) or on South or North moles. (See the Fremantle map.)

The 'Arrival Date/Time' on the Voyager Cruise Ships page is for when ships have berthed. If you want to see a ship enter the harbour then arrive about 30 minutes before that time. Ships take up to 4–5 hours to disembark passengers, although smaller ships take 1–2 hours.

The 'Operation' section refers to whether there is a passenger exchange or whether passengers are staying with the ship. (Transit - the same passengers who arrived with the ship leave with the ship; turnaround - passengers disembark the ship and leave and new passengers are checked in and board the vessel; transit/turnaround is a combination.)

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