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​Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation is based at B Shed, Victoria Quay

STS Leeuwin

STS Leeuwin II is owned and operated by the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation Ltd, a not-for-profit organisation based at Victoria Quay.

Launched in 1986, Leeuwin II is Australia's largest sail training tall ship and is dedicated to challenging and inspiring people on adventurous ocean voyages.

Visit Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation or call (08) 9430 4105 for more information. The foundation is based at B Shed and Leeuwin's home berth is B Berth, on Victoria Quay.


Duyfken was the first recorded European ship to make landfall on the Australian mainland. Although the ship never came to Western Australia, it marked the start of the great Dutch voyages of discovery along our northern and western coasts, over a century and a half before Cook’s Endeavour voyage mapped the east coast.
The Duyfken 1606 replica, built in Fremantle, is not berthed at Fremantle Port but is often berthed at Fremantle Boat Harbour or Elizabeth Quay, in Perth. Information on visiting the Duyfken is here.