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Fremantle Ports supports a variety of projects and initiatives
​Fremantle Ports supports a variety of projects and initiatives.

We are interested in supporting these types of projects: 

  • educational programs or projects, particularly on a maritime theme
  • youth leadership programs or initiatives aimed at giving young people opportunities for self-development
  • environmental projects
  • arts and cultural projects with a local community focus.

Preference will be given to projects and initiatives that: 

  • benefit the local community in the general port area (Inner Harbour at Fremantle and Outer Harbour at Kwinana)
  • reflect Fremantle Ports’ Values and objectives
  • reflect community/stakeholder priorities in relation to the Port of Fremantle (eg. caring for the environment)
  • provide appropriate opportunities for recognition of Fremantle Ports’ support and corporate citizenship.
If you would like Fremantle Ports to consider supporting your event, project or initiative, you need to submit a completed Sponsorship Request Form (PDF version available here.) Sponsorship requests received are evaluated monthly.

We receive many requests for sponsorship each year and, unfortunately, we cannot support every application.

Please note that we don't provide funding for travel, accommodation, office running costs, capital works or individual pursuits, such as sporting events or sporting apparel.

See Supporting the community for the types of projects we have recently supported.