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​White Gum Valley Primary School students
​​White Gum Valley Primary School students

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Fremantle Ports supports a wide range of education and youth programs that have a two-way benefit for the community and the port.

Part of our approach to education is to ensure students and teachers in the local community are fully informed about the port. We want to further develop the long-term understanding and support of port operations and recognition of the important role they play economically and as the backbone of the State.

Our program aims to deliver improved education opportunities for students through identifying areas of special interest.

Fremantle Ports has a strong commitment to ensuring that everyone benefits from the economic strength and innovative capability within the organisation.

Our investment in schools

Fremantle Ports is committed to working with organisations and schools in the Fremantle, Cockburn, Kwinana, Rockingham and wider community area to support education and to increase understanding of the role of the maritime industry and the port.

Providing support for schools in key areas of mutual interest, such as environmental sustainability and key learning areas, is a focus and we are involved in a number of school projects.

Schools we have worked with include:

  • Hillman Primary School
  • Gilmore College
  • Coogee Primary School
  • Bibra Lake Primary School
  • Coolbellup Community School
  • Southwell Primary School
  • White Gum Valley Primary School
  • Hazel Orme Community Kindergarten
  • Fremantle College
  • Rockingham Senior High School.

Read more about sponsorships.

Curriculum module

We have supported the development by educators of Year 5-7 primary and Year 10 secondary school curriculum modules.

Our commitment to maritime studies

Fremantle Ports also works with schools in the local catchment area that offer a maritime studies program. The program provides suitably interested and capable students with a springboard to explore aspects of the marine environment which link into an understanding of maritime-related vocations. Rockingham Senior High School and Fremantle College have maritime studies programs.


For more information about Fremantle Ports’ involvement with schools, please email External Affairs or ring 9430 3555.