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View down Pakenham Street, Fremantle to cruise ship The World in port
​View down Pakenham Street, Fremantle to cruise ship The World in port

Fremantle Ports regards the community as being an important stakeholder in its Fremantle and Kwinana operations.

A viable working port is identified as instrumental to maintaining the economic wellbeing of the area, including the attraction of a range of industries that generate income and employment to the region.
It is important to ensure that the port and its surrounding area are well integrated, particularly in terms of the management of potential impacts and risks.
In keeping with the State Industrial Buffer Policy the need for an offsite buffer around Fremantle Ports’ Inner Harbour was identified in 2002.  Read more in Buffer guidelines. 
Information on planning policies is available in the Planning section. 

Viewing the working port

The working port of Fremantle Inner Harbour can be viewed from several public vantage points, including North and South Moles and Victoria Quay between A and C Sheds. The North and South Moles are sometimes closed for maintenance or because of inclement weather, especially during the winter months. See information on North Mole closures in Fishing. 

Read more about Visiting the Port.

Complaints or feedback

Fremantle Ports wants to ensure that customers, members of the community and other stakeholders have the opportunity to provide feedback and bring any complaints directly to us.

All complaints, written and verbal, are recorded in a complaints register enabling us to improve the quality of the services we provide.
Go to the Feedback page for more information.